Recycle Inspiration for your home!

We all have those items at home that we can't seem to get rid of, even though they don't seem useful any more. This is where repurposing/recycling comes into play to give them a new life!

Repurposing/recycling is so much fun, just because it is SO worth going into the effort of creating something fun yourself to suit the space and color palette you want. The end product gives me such an adrenaline rush!

Below are some photos of items I have recycled at our home. Maybe it will be the inspiration you need to get you started (trust me it's addictive) and once you get an eye for it, you are always on the look out to recycle!

Here's a list of all my recycle design ideas together for you to browse.

Maybe this will give you just the inspiration you need to get you started at your DIY project!


DIY Patent Wall Art using Recycled wood

These walls have been bare too long. I have been thinking of putting something fun and impactful on these for a REALLY long time. I contemplated doing some art of my own, but one fine day watching Fixer Upper, I got the idea of using some Patent Art on the walls! (I love you, Joanna!) I knew that they would be the perfect fun quirky pop of color on these boring white walls without going over the top.

{Warning: This is an image heavy post!}


Right in the middle of the wall is a door to my craft room, hence making it trickier to decorate:

Then started my research on vintage patent artwork and came across the Google Patents website online. You can find patents on all sorts of things here.

Since this is a part of my Coffee Room, and I recently installed my Penny-farthing Cycle planter on my DIY Faux Copper Patina wall, I thought, what better than to have something related to "cycle" and "coffee"? I could not believe the amazing stuff I found on this site on just the two of these! I shortlisted a few, and downloaded them for my personal use. From what I know, the text and the drawing of a patent are not subject to copyright restrictions and the images are free for personal use. If you want to use an image for something other than your own personal use you may have to check with a lawyer or the patent owner. I did not have to worry since these were for my home.

However, since my walls are white, I wasn't too happy with this color combination.

Using Adobe Photoshop, the colors were inverted quickly to produce some super fun black and white images, and printed on A3 sheets. You could convert them to colors of your choice as per the decor in the room, but these were perfect for mine.


Supplies needed:
  • Inkjet printer (for printing patent art)
  • Old fence wood/ pallet wood or similar
  • Sander
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps/weights
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Hammer
  • Thin wire 
  • Mod Podge (or similar glue)
1. Out of the four, I selected three for print, still contemplating how many to hang, whether to cover both sides of the door or just one. My final images were approximately 28.5 cm X 41 cm in size. I decided to leave the white borders.

2. After this, we started work on the wood base. We had some left over old fence wood, so we gathered that for the project. 

3. Then we lay out the printed art on the wood pieces to have an idea of how big we wanted the backing to be. My backing is 16 cms taller and 9.2 cms wider than my patent images. So, we cut the wood pieces, and began to sand to make it a little smoother.

4. We attached cross braces on the back to make it sturdy. We used wood glue and the old nails with hammer to keep them in place.

Here is how it looks in the front:

There were some paint drips that I missed so I sanded it again.

6. Then was the fun part of pasting the patent image to the pallet wood. I tried to measure to make sure the image was centered from all four sides. Then I glued it with Mod Podge, but you can use any similar type of adhesive. Make sure you remove any air bubbles as it dries.

As you can see, I decided to go with the coffee pot and the penny farthing cycle images since both of these were most relevant.

I managed to get some wrinkles on mine, but I think they added some old world charm, so left it anyway. I Mod Podged the rest of the wood too to make the wood color consistent.


Then I left it to air dry.

7. Now for hanging the art on the wall, we used small screws on both edges of the cross braces and then wrapped a wire around them.


..and ta-da!

7. Here is how they look on my wall. I think they look fab!! (We had everything at home, so yep, this project is complete without spending a single penny!)

I thought the white edge of the patent art was a little too white, so with some diluted brown acrylic paint, I painted it to distress it a little.


I love how the brown of the wood complements the wood floor and parts of the Faux Copper Patina wall.

To reiterate what it looked like before, here's a quick Before and After:

Here are some extra images I had created, but decided not to use. Feel free to use them, or check out others on the Google Patents website:


YAY! Thrilled with the final outcome of this project!
{I think Joanna would be proud! :) }

Hope you are inspired to do something fun with what you have at home!